Congratulations on taking the first steps to getting rid of you shoulder pain!

You can watch the video below and start doing the exercise right away!

Why this exercise will help

  • The muscles of the shoulder can often become tight and cause limited mobility and pain.  This exercises directly works on stiff muscles of the shoulder and rotator cuff as well as myofascial adhesions that can be caused from imbalance in strength and tightness.  Pressure on the muscles can be painful, however, the pain should subside after about one minute.  Adding mobility to this technique, such as reaching overhead and across your body, allows for greater stretch and relaxation of the muscles creating improved shoulder mobility

Exercise instructions

  • This can be a fairly intense exercise, which is necessary for reducing deep muscle and myofascial tightness.  Discomfort while performing this exercise is expected but should only last for the first 30-60 seconds.  Because this exercise is more aggressive towards the muscle, it should only be performed for 2-3 minutes at one time.  Delayed shoulder soreness can be expected and is normal.  Soreness should not last more than 24-48 hours and should not feel similar to your symptoms.  Do not push through your primary pain and symptoms.  If your primary pain or symptom increases by more than 2 points on a ten point scale, you should limit the amount of arm movement or stop the exercise


  • Do this exercise once or twice per day for 2-3 minutes, everyday for best results.
  • The exercise may always feel sore in the shoulder but should get less so with consistent performance.
  • Performing these exercises in the morning can be especially helpful in making you feel better with lifting and reaching during the day. However, this can be performed at any time during the day
  • Ice can be applied for 10-15 minutes to the shoulder afterwards to help control soreness from the exercise
  • If this exercise causes increase in pain or your primary symptoms...stop immediately

For more information and assistance with shoulder pain relief visit:
The Shoulder Pain Coach

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