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Current Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6:30 pm

Thursday 6:30 pm

Saturday 10:30 am

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All Sessions are approximately 30-40 minutes

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What Is Optimize Fit 35?

  • A fitness and weight loss program for Women 35 who aren't looking for intimidating cross-fit studios, crowded aerobics classes, expensive gyms
  • A weight loss and strengthening program designed to meet your fitness goals not only through session training, but also coaching and support to help you achieve your goals
  • High Intensity Group Exercise Training (6-8 people max!) featuring proper warm-up and cool-down periods to ensure safety! 
  • Sessions include exercises based in Yoga, Martial Arts and Functional Movement to maximize strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination
  • There is no bulky, difficult to use equipment.  Just your own body weight (maybe the occasional use of light dumbbells and medicine balls)
  • Small groups to provide motivation from other members with similar goals, while having more personal supervision from the instructors to ensure proper form, safety and injury prevention

Why Do You Need Optimize Fit 35?

  • Our small group sessions are adaptable for all levels of fitness and exercise experience and won't leave you feeling intimidated or overwhelmed
  • You won't get "lost in the pack" like you would at other large aerobic and strength training classes offered by most gyms
  • Sessions are designed and overseen by a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience!
  • High Intensity Interval Training has been shown to burn fat and calories needed to meet your fitness goals safely and effectively
  • Our support system provides you direct access to our therapists and trainers for any coaching questions or concerns you may have, as well as providing help with nutrition, stress relief, and tips to better living!

Who Is This Program For?

  • Beginner and Intermediate female exercisers who want a small group setting, but also desire more personal attention 
  • Those whose fitness goals are to lose weight, increase strength, improve balance, gain flexibility
  • Anyone with a busy schedule that wants to start exercising and is looking for a quick, efficient program to meet their goals
  • If you have had a previous injury or pain and are worried that exercise might make you worse
  • Anyone who has tried other weight loss exercise programs without success
  • If you want to avoid the intimidation of over-crowded gyms, our small group studio is for you

Who Is This Program Not For?

  • Athletes and experienced workout enthusiasts such as cross-fitters 
  • Anyone who is not serious about improving their fitness and health
  • Anyone who is not willing to put in the work it takes to become healthier and achieve results

How Is This Program Different From Other Exercise Programs?

Most group exercise classes  are too large making it difficult to monitor how well you are doing.  Our classes are smaller so we can make sure you are exercising correctly and safely

You're not paying for "sessions", you're paying for results

Unlike other programs sold in the fitness industry, this program is designed to have long lasting results, not just temporary change created to get people to spend more money

You'll get a access to a Physical Therapist  who is an expert in movement, physiology, biology, nutrition and exercise science, that will guide you through your training providing motivation and accountability

 Optimize Fit 35 

Fitness and Weight Loss Program

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your life!

Here's what other attendees are saying:

"I feel much lighter and leaner.  More importantly, I lost my stubborn stomach fat!
I am able to wear pants that I hadn't been able to wear for a long time!  After each
workout, my tight muscles stretched, I felt refreshed and awakened and my joint
movement got better!"

- Moe Moe

What's Included....

  • The Core Group Exercise Classes
  • Baseline measures to help establish goals
  • All access support from the Optimize Fit 35 Team
  • Fitness Progress Log
  • Exercise design and supervision by our Physical Therapists


Can I make up appointments that I miss?

We understand that people get busy and may have to miss sessions during the 3-month program.  We encourage you to try your best to stick with the program in order to get the best results.  We allow you to make up your sessions as you need to, but ask that you do your best to complete the program within 4-months

Will I be charged if I don't show up for a class?

You won't be charged an additional fee for not showing up for a class.  You are purchasing a 3-month program, so it is encouraged that you do your best to make all the classes for each week.  As a courtesy we ask that you let us know if you can't make it so we can fill your spot with someone else who may want to join the class

What if there are exercise/movements that are too difficult for me?

Don't worry, our highly trained and experienced staff of instructors will make the exercises safe and adaptable for you.  The important thing is that you try you best and work as hard as you can.  You'll see the results when you put forward the effort

Added Benefits to Joining Our Boot Camp:

  • Fast Body Fat Burning
  • Increased Energy
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Feel More Youthful
  • Get Stronger

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